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  • Am I too old??

    At Stonor we are committed to equal opportunities and do not impose, nor work with any clients who impose, upper age limits or discrimination of any other form.

  • Can I apply for more than one vacancy??

    You are welcome to apply for multiple job posts provided that you meet the criteria detailed in the job description/specification. However, we would then be keen to talk to and learn a lot more about you in order to assess which role would best match your requirements and provide the best prospect of success.

  • How can I be kept informed of job vacancies at Stonor??

    We regularly update our lists of ‘live vacancies’, which are conveniently separated according to industry. They can be found on the JOBS page within each site.

  • How do I apply for a vacancy??

    For certain roles you can download a job description/specification from our vacancy page. However, we insist on speaking with all candidates either via a telephone or a personal meeting in order to assess suitability and compatibility between the candidate and prospective employer. This ensures that both client and candidate are fully informed and facilitated in getting exactly what they want from the process. If we believe that you are a ‘good fit’ for the company and conversely that the company are a ‘good fit’ for you, than we will keep in regular contact and manage everything from the C.V exchange and interview details and preparation through to, hopefully, communication of an offer!

  • I am a candidate with a disability. Can you accommodate my needs during the application and assessment process??

    Here at Stonor we are committed to people and making the application process as accessible and enjoyable as possible. We are happy to provide job specifications in alternative formats or to arrange adjustments to the interview process, both practically and substantively. Please do not hesitate to call us and indicate any special requirements you have.

  • I’m a candidate, why should I use Stonor??

    • We understand your industry
    • We’re discreet and trustworthy
    • We are helpful, courteous and responsive
    • We take time to understand what you want
    • We feedback quickly
    • We provide a very personal, friendly service
    • We have been successfully placing people since 2001

  • I’m a client, why should I use Stonor??

    • We find excellent candidates quickly
    • We make recruiting as painless as possible
    • We don’t hassle you
    • We only send relevant CVs
    • We have a CV database of over 12,000
    • We have specialist consultants that understand their industry and know what they’re talking about.
    • We have access to all relevant job boards and spend a fortune on advertising
    • We headhunt when required

  • What is the selection process??

    Whether candidates are speculative or approach us with regards to a specific opportunity we always begin by conducting an initial screening. This involves, ideally, a face to face meeting where possible or failing that, a phone conversation. During this exchange we endeavour to find out exactly what the candidate wants from their next opportunity ranging from the specifics of a job role to location and company culture. We invest a lot of time into this screening and getting to know our candidates as we genuinely believe in the importance of a holistic approach to recruitment where the candidate skillset is just the beginning... We then come back to the candidate with targeted ideas and suggestions. If we believe a candidate is suitable for a particular role we will work with the candidate on honing and tailoring their C.V to the targeted company and initiate an introductory dialogue with the client… If the client would like to interview the candidate (Which is the case in 99% of our introductions due the vigilance of the screening process) we will arrange all the particulars and spend as much time as necessary preparing the candidate for the interview. …Any given candidate will deal exclusively with one consultant to ensure consistency of approach and a strong working relationship. Our consultants have very strong relationships with their clients and are the best and most committed people to take you through the process. The consultant will manage the process from start to finish including the substantive jobs such as interview preparation and practical issues such as arranging interview locations etc.