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How does the process work?

Whilst recruitment is not an exact science, we try to keep things as simple as possible. Here is a 5 step guide to summarise how it works:


  1. Taking the brief:

We introduce ourselves on the phone or, preferably meet you to discuss your requirements. This is our opportunity to find out all about your business and the recruitment challenges you face.

  1. Assessment:

Once we understand the challenge we assess whether what you’re looking for is realistic and advise accordingly on timings, costings and the best methodologies for us to use.

  1. Candidate sourcing and shortlisting:

Once everything is agreed we get to work. We utilise every avenue available to us to find the right person(s) before providing you with a shortlist of suitable candidates to review.

  1. Interviews:

After you have indicated your preferred candidates from the shortlist of profiles provided, we manage the interview process and provide detailed feedback to both parties.

  1. Offer management:

Finally, we pitch your offer and secure your new hire. Aside from introducing the candidate, this is one of the key areas where we add value. We handle negotiations sensitively ensuring goodwill prevails throughout.  Our offer acceptance rate is one of the highest in the industry because we take time throughout the process to ensure expectations are carefully managed on both sides.