A Marriage (and Job Offer) Made in Stonor Search!

A Marriage (and Job Offer) Made in Stonor Search!

Our candidate got more than she bargained for when using Stonor to find a new role

New job title: Marketing Account Manager
Role location: Marlow
Sector: Integrated Marketing Agency
Candidate location: Marlow
Old job title: Senior Account Manager
Duration of search: Two months
Consultant name: Charlie Griffiths

The Challenge

Chelsea, who was Marketing Manager for a dealership in Glasgow, contacted us from Scotland as she looking to relocate to the South of England. She required a position that matched her skill set and experience.

The Solution

After a comprehensive search, Charlie identified a suitable vacancy and arranged for Chelsea to interview with a marketing agency in Marlow. Initial telephone interviews were carried out, followed by a face-to-face interview in London. Charlie and a friend greeted her and ensured that she arrived at the interview in good time.

Thanks to our experience in the marketing sector, we were able to offer support and guidance prior to the interview which meant that Chelsea was fully prepared.

The Outcome

Chelsea was offered the job and moved South two months later. She subsequently met up with Charlie’s friend again and (after a long courtship!) they were married in February 2017.

Consultant Testimonial

"It was a pleasure to be able to help Chelsea relocate and I enjoyed the additional responsibility of ensuring that the move went smoothly and of course that she was making the right decision. I had less to do with her subsequent decision to marry my best friend!"