Recruitment agencies love to talk. 

They talk endlessly about their offering, their solutions, and always how and why they’re different.
There’s a lot of noise. Isn’t there?

What it all boils down to though, is people.

After all, you don’t deal with companies, or fancy solutions, you deal with people. They are the differentiator that really matters.
And the questions should not be do I want this product or service? But rather do I want this person? Am I happy with them representing my business?

So, instead of asking you to choose which fancy “recruitment product” you want from a suite of generic crap, we simply ask that you speak to one of our people and decide for yourself whether you can trust them with your hiring.

Our consultants have a minimum of six years’ experience and cover permanent, contract and freelance roles in the UK and Europe, specialising in the following sectors:


PR & Content



Research & Insight


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We only have one product, it’s our people and we don’t compromise.
You shouldn’t either.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements and experience how recruitment should be.