Recommended to assist a global media group

Building a Partnerships team for a global media group Job Title: New Partnership Marketing Team Role Location: Central London Sector: Media Function: Partnership Marketing Level: Manager to Director Duration of Search: 1 Month Consultant Name: Craig Lewis The Challenge A London-based global media group had made the decision to bring their partnership marketing in house but were struggling to find the talent necessary to build this vital new team. Recommended to the media group by previous clients in the sector, we were quickly instructed to utilize our database and industry knowledge to fill these crucial roles on a tight schedule… The Solution Craig was invited in to meet with the Media Group’s senior team and took a thorough brief, understanding the plans for the new team, the levels of candidates required and the business’s culture. Using his previous experience in the sector, Craig was quickly able to identify and approach several suitable candidates, holding meetings and initial screenings before drawing up a strong shortlist from a variety of relevant backgrounds (something that was requested by the client). The Result After a quick but thorough interview process (helped greatly by the flexibility and quick action of the client), Stonor were able to assist in the placement of 75% of the new team and filled 100% of the most crucial senior positions. This not only earned Stonor a place on the Media Group’s list of preferred recruiters but also helped us land some long-standing candidates their ideal role in a highly respected and impressive business. Client Testimonial I found Craig to be interested, professional and highly knowledgeable about the sector in which he was operating. He was always quick to respond and kept us updated at all stages of the process. I would have no hesitation in recommending Craig to other candidates or employers.” Consultant Testimonial This was a particularly exciting set of roles to work on for me and having been recommended to the client I was absolutely determined deliver the best possible results. I was careful to use my meeting with the senior team to gain the best possible outline of their requirements and fully understand where their recruitment efforts were going wrong. Using what I’d learned I was able to find some truly outstanding people and after guiding them through the interview process (something I take every seriously!) I was delighted with the results!

Retained C-Level Search for a Small Tech Scale-up

The key factors behind selling senior start-up opportunities to candidates Job Title: Chief Marketing Officer Role Location: Remote Sector: Betting / Gaming Function: Marketing Strategy Level: C-Level Duration of search: 2 months Consultant Name: Joe Misseldine The Challenge: A fully remote, technology driven, B2C subscription-based start-up in the gambling space snowballed into a high level of profitability very quickly as a result of being the first business of its kind in the market. Through having such a market leading position and a lack of market competition, it could be argued that the business neglected investing on improvements to the marketing function in order to keep customer retention high and acquire further leads. As such, the subscriber base decreased and profits fell. The company still operated at a very healthy profit margin, but the CEO realised that an experienced marketing lead was crucial to revamp the whole marketing function and win back subscribers as well as finding new customers, which was a function that was always outsourced. The CMO needed to have a proven track record in devising marketing strategies that had a positive impact on subscriber growth, along with good knowledge of the gambling / sports betting industry. The Solution: I decided to gather in depth knowledge of the three key factors that are essential for candidates when they are pursuing roles with start-ups, these are centred around risk vs opportunity. Presenting this information to the candidate in a positive way helped them understand the risks but became excited by the potential. Ownership structure & leadership team: This company is 100% owner managed by the CEO / founder. Because of the absence of pressure from external investors for quick results, I advised the CEO to amend the brief slightly – The first month of the role would be dedicated to research and formulating strategy to ensure chances of success are maximised. This initial planning period went down well with candidates. Company performance and future potential: The product / service was widely adopted very quickly, amassing 20,000 customers. This was evidence that there was a strong appetite in the market. The risk element here was that the customer base had recently fallen 35% which does ring some alarm bells. It was important to sell this to candidates as an opportunity by explaining that another copycat competitor entered the market at a lower price, which pulled some customers away, so they adjusted their price model in reaction. The CEO created this role to address the fallen customer base and help build it, proving they are serious about making a big investment in a leader to change things for the better. Since the company is still highly profitable and cash-rich, the new CMO could join without any risk at all of sudden redundancy through financial pressure. With regards to future potential, the company only operate in the UK marketplace and a key business objective is to launch in international markets. Since there is no competition in other markets, there is huge potential for the incoming CMO to build a legacy and scale a team. Reward: Due to the strong financial position of the business, a very competitive basic salary was on offer which of course always helps. I advised the client to draw up a bonus structure directly related to increased subscriber numbers through marketing activity, which was agreed. This gave an exciting incentive for further reward through good performance. Results: 8 candidates were screened on the shortlist, 4 made the first interview stage, 3 were taken forward to presentation and the hire was made. The additional earning potential and lack of red tape in decision making proved to be the biggest pull factors. Client testimonial: “It is great to have peace of mind in the knowledge that all candidates that arrive at first stage will be fully briefed on my business and highly relevant for the role.”

Creating a strategy, to find a Creative Strategist

Finding a Senior Creative Strategist for a regional role New job title: Senior Creative Strategist Role Location:  Surrey Candidate location:  North London Sector:  Branding/Design/Advertising Level:  Senior Duration of search: 3 weeks Consultant name: Nick Pykett The Challenge A client of ours in a regional Surrey location were seeking a Senior Creative Strategist (with a background in copywriting) to work closely with their Creative Director and conceive jaw dropping strategies for a wide range of clients across a range of media types in the advertising, internal comms, branding and digital disciplines. Due to the nature of regional agencies, very few are of sufficient size to warrant a permanent member of staff with such a niche skill set – meaning there wasn’t a plethora of suitable candidates in the market. The Solution Nick immediately set about the task in hand, advertising the role across all of the relevant job boards we have access to. It was a strong possibility that this role would require someone relocating, given the probable shortage of people with such a skill set, living within a commutable distance from the client’s location. This meant that from a headhunting perspective the net could be widened, but still targeted to people with prior ties to the Surrey area. Naturally, when senior roles are advertised people from far and wide like to throw their hat in the ring from an application perspective – it’s imperative to not ‘play god’ and discount people who may, on paper, look like the commute/relocation might be too much of a stretch. This involved talking to a variety of people, both applicants, and responses from a very targeted headhunting procedure, in order to build a shortlist of candidates who meet the brief. The Result After whittling the shortlist down to 2, one guy stood head and shoulders above the other – he was a connection from almost 6 years ago who I’d approached after remembering he had ties to the Surrey area. He was prepared to relocate from North London to be closer to his brother, meaning his children could be nearer to their cousins, he could get said children into local schools, and bring them up outside of London’s hustle and bustle. There was an initial chemistry meeting, followed by a 2nd interview which drilled deeper into skills/attributes, and finally a presentation of a portfolio consisting of end-to-end strategic proposals that had been created for a variety of clients throughout his career. The client was blown away by the diverse work, and aside from the copywriting background this candidate had (prior to moving into a Creative Strategist role), he also had very strong planning ability. An offer was made, above the initial salary bracket (to assist with relocating), which was accepted with open arms. Consultant Testimonial “This was an incredibly satisfying placement, finding someone with an incredibly niche set of skills who was extremely excited about both the role, and direction the agency is heading in. Not only did the role allow the candidate to maximise their full skill set, it also enabled them to fulfil their personal aspirations to move away from London and be closer to family – something that would’ve been very risky without a full-time job, and security that it provided.”

Winning the Battle for Biddable Talent

Sourcing paid media talent in rural Buckinghamshire Job Title: Paid Media Manager Role Location: Buckinghamshire Sector: Financial Services Function: Biddable media strategy Level: Mid-Level Duration of Search: 4.5 weeks Consultant Name: Joe Misseldine The Challenge A large financial services business in the stockbroking space decided to save on supplier costs and move their digital advertising in house after forgoing a full-scale digital transformation. After an introductory meeting it became clear that they did not have an understanding of the significant lack of supply of suitable candidates with biddable media skills in city centres across the UK, let alone Buckinghamshire. I had to manage expectations and explain that candidates will be sent over in low volume but high quality through headhunting and the process could be longer than expected. The Solution Candidates with more choice can afford to be more selective. As with any role, they must have full knowledge of every perk and benefit, commercial business performance, an interest in the product / service and background of their would-be manager in order to weight up the opportunity. In addition to this, after a few years of experience placing dozens of people in to similar roles, one thing in particular always stood out with paid media talent; they often insist on knowing how the employer is investing in the latest technologies, platforms and methodologies in order to help them stay ahead of the curve. To help attract passive candidates to have a conversation, I advised the client to set aside one day per year in which the successful candidate can attend technology events along with a personal training budget to spend as they saw fit. This proved to be a good strategy for attracting talent and the client eventually adopted new tech and methods of working that help reduce business costs! The Results Through headhunting, four candidates were screened, submitted and interviewed. Two of which were taken forward to presentation and one was offered. It was particularly pleasing that the successful candidate was initially attracted to their commitment to investing in training and technology. Client Testimonial “After helping us understand the conditions of the digital talent market, Joe told us that it may take him a couple of weeks longer to source suitable candidates for the role, the honesty was really refreshing. He found an excellent shortlist of candidates and we have made an offer to someone who we can see as a future leader”

Stonor Insight goes International

Need someone in Switzerland? No problem. New job title: Research Executive Role Location: Geneva Sector: Market Research Function: Consumer research Level: Mid-level Candidate location: France Old job title: Junior Research Consultant Duration of search: 6 weeks Consultant name: Mark Darlington The Challenge The Client - a world leader in market research, came to Mark as they had encountered difficulties recruiting for their European offices. They had been particularly stuck on a role in Switzerland and the HR Manager was under pressure to find a solution quickly. The Solution Mark immediately began work, advertising the role internationally and conducting a thorough, step by step headhunt. As the role was based Switzerland, he conducted a search on LinkedIn to source professionals with skills and experience required by the client. After a thorough search, he identified three potential candidates that fit the brief and came from relevant backgrounds in agencies. Initial phone interviews were conducted and Mark was able to create a shortlist of two candidates. The Results One of the candidates Mark put forward was made an offer as they had the skills required (and had worked for a direct competitor of our client). Stonor Search were able to fill a role that had been live for over six months, inside six weeks, proving that we have the capability to fulfill complex assignments outside of the UK in a limited time frame. The HR Manager was impressed and has since briefed us on roles in Russia, Poland and the Nordics. Consultant Testimonial "This was a particularly satisfying assignment due to the fact that everything had to be organised remotely and the client had failed to identify anyone in the six months prior to me being engaged."

A Marriage (and Job Offer) Made in Stonor Search!

Our candidate got more than she bargained for when using Stonor to find a new role New job title: Marketing Account Manager Role location: Marlow Sector: Integrated Marketing Agency Candidate location: Marlow Old job title: Senior Account Manager Duration of search: Two months Consultant name: Charlie Griffiths The Challenge Chelsea, who was Marketing Manager for a dealership in Glasgow, contacted us from Scotland as she looking to relocate to the South of England. She required a position that matched her skill set and experience. The Solution After a comprehensive search, Charlie identified a suitable vacancy and arranged for Chelsea to interview with a marketing agency in Marlow. Initial telephone interviews were carried out, followed by a face-to-face interview in London. Charlie and a friend greeted her and ensured that she arrived at the interview in good time. Thanks to our experience in the marketing sector, we were able to offer support and guidance prior to the interview which meant that Chelsea was fully prepared. The Outcome Chelsea was offered the job and moved South two months later. She subsequently met up with Charlie’s friend again and (after a long courtship!) they were married in February 2017. Consultant Testimonial "It was a pleasure to be able to help Chelsea relocate and I enjoyed the additional responsibility of ensuring that the move went smoothly and of course that she was making the right decision. I had less to do with her subsequent decision to marry my best friend!"

A Client’s Problem is a Recruiter’s Challenge

Three roles were required by a client who struggled with other recruiters New job titles: Senior Account Managers and a Project Manager Role location: Marlow Sector: Integrated Marketing Agency Function: Account handlers Client location: Marlow Duration of search: Eight weeks Consultant name: Sam Angell The Challenge An agency that struggled with other recruiters turned to Stonor Search to help them find candidates for three marketing roles. After comprehensive initial discussions over a coffee, Stonor Search received a specific description of what these three roles required. The client advised that they were restructuring their organisation, and the new candidate's personalities had to suit their tight-knit team and company culture. Solution Thanks to the experience we have gained over the years, we have established talent channels in the marketing industry. We were able to use various search methods, such as database search and job boards, to identify potential candidates who matched the client specification. Results Our client was looking to fill three roles, all at a new level within the business. Sam sourced five suitable candidates over an eight week period, resulting in three offers and three acceptances! Our personal approach allowed us to develop a thorough understanding of the client and their unique challenges, which resulted in finding the perfect candidates to fit their team. Consultant Testimonial "I love working with this agency! They're a great business and have placed more people with us since! Once you have an understanding of what makes them tick you can really refine your search and get the best candidates in the market!"

From Redundancy Scare to Dream Job!

A redundancy scare leads to securing a dream job New job title: Buyer/ Product Development Role location: Hertfordshire Sector: Premiums and packaging Function: Product Development Level: Mid-level Candidate location: Ealing Old job title: Buyer Client location: Harpenden Duration of search: Four weeks Consultant name: Andy Darlington The Challenge Susanna had recently been made redundant from her previous role and needed to find a new job as soon as possible. After initial comprehensive discussions, it was clear that she was excited at the prospect of a new challenge, and understandably nervous about searching for a new role. The Solution Andy analysed the situation with Susanna in great detail, listening to her concerns and preferences and highlighted the different options available to her. Once he had gained the necessary information, Andy was able to search for suitable roles and presented Susanna with a vacancy at an agency that required someone with her background. The Results Susanna was selected for the position after a face-to-face interview, which she gladly accepted. Furthermore, Susanna was offered more than the amount she was looking for, along with extra perks to ensure she was comfortable and happy to commit long term, all of which was managed by Andy to ensure a smooth transition process. Consultant Testimonial "This was very rewarding for me as a consultant, Susanna contacted us looking for help. I found an agency that was willing to create a position for her. She got a pay rise and her ideal role." 

From Interview Nerves to Superstar Solicitor

A nervous candidate found her feet with interview guidance from Stonor Search New job title: Newly Qualified Solicitor Role Location: Reading Sector: Banking Location: Reading Old job title: Trainee Solicitor Consultant name: Ben Race The Challenge Our candidate had been to two interviews prior to her contacting Stonor Legal. Both interviews were unsuccessful, with feedback outlining that her nerves during the interviews prevented her from progressing to the next stage of the recruitment process, which made her lose confidence. During this time the candidate was seeking a permanent position as a lawyer due to her current firm not having enough work for to keep her on in a fee-earning capacity. The Solution Ben met with the candidate for a coffee and explained the process we adopt at Stonor Legal. She felt reassured to start applying for new opportunities through Stonor Search, which allowed Ben to quickly arrange three new interviews. The interviews were all arranged via the HR contact at the respective firm, all of whom kept us up to date on their current vacancies regularly. Unfortunately, the first two interviews led to similar negative feedback but Ben went the extra mile to provide extensive interview coaching throughout the entire process. He worked on a number of different interview role-play scenarios, where he would ask challenging questions about the candidate's knowledge and experience. The responses were then analysed and Ben would provide constructive feedback as to how the answers could be improved. The Result It was a competitive interview process with two strong candidates. However, After implementing our consultant's advice, the candidate's third interview had a successful outcome. Our candidate was offered a position after a second interview with the firm, all within four weeks of meeting Ben. She was selected for the role as she had over six months relevant experience in insolvency related matters and this was a relatively junior position which made her ideal. She has now completed her first appraisal having been at the firm for six months and has been offered a pay raise due to her excellent performance. Candidate Testimonial “Ben was the creme de la creme of recruiters! Within a few short hours of me sending him my CV, he contacted firms on my behalf and he was always really positive, supportive and patient whenever I spoke to him or met him. He was very committed to helping me to find the right job.” Consultant Testimonial “As Head of Legal, this was a particularly rewarding placement for me and I was personally delighted to secure an attractive offer above the market rate for our candidate. Interviews are an essential, yet daunting, feature of the modern hiring process and interview nerves can have a detrimental impact upon an individual's performance, and thus their chances of securing that dream job. At Stonor Legal, we work very closely with each lawyer to ensure they fulfil their potential at every stage of their job application. Our legally trained consultants have extensive experience in interview preparation and coaching. To-date, we have successfully placed both junior and senior lawyers into the most demanding global law firms where only the best get hired.

Barista to Designer, not a problem!

An unlikely match for a difficult role. Subtitle: Stonor Creative New job title: Digital Designer Role Location: Hertfordshire Sector: Creative Candidate Location: South West London Old job title: Barista Duration of search: Six weeks Consultant name: Nick Pykett The Challenge This particular case study focuses on a challenge from both the client and the candidate and in turn a challenge for our head of creative, Nick Pykett. This was an out of town role with a limited budget and a specific set of requirements from the client. The Solution After a comprehensive discussion with the client, Nick advertised the role on all relevant job boards and went through countless LinkedIn responses, to finally come across the ideal candidate. Nick talked at length with the candidate about her portfolio and aspirations and then went to London to meet with the candidate, ensuring that there was good chemistry. The candidate who had moved over from Italy had struggled to find a job in graphic design; her passion. She was stuck working in a cafe, starting work at 5 am every day and was desperate to find an agency she could call home. The Results After conversations with the client and a lot of perseverance, the candidate in question caught two trains out of London every day, to complete a two-week freelance assignment, to prove she was competent enough for the role. She was then offered a full-time position and relocated to a location closer to her new place of work. Impressed with the skillset of the candidate, the client were very pleased with Stonor Search and vowed to use us again. Candidate Testimonial “My experience of working with Nick was outstanding, from the first point of contact until he successfully placed me into a Designer role. He has made the recruitment process a pleasant experience and he provided me with resources that helped me gain the position. He was focused, helpful and patient with the process. I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues.” Consultant Testimonial “The CD had incredibly high standards and with the added of relocation, it was a very satisfying placement. The candidate had spent seven months working in a job she wasn’t passionate about and was struggling to get by in London. She’d considered relocating back to Italy as she couldn’t find any agencies to give her a chance, so it was great to find her a design role that she was excited about.”

Who needs a Project Coordinator?

An unlikely match for a difficult role. New Job Title: Project Coordinator  Role Location: Oxfordshire Sector: Digital / Creative  Candidate Location: Oxfordshire Old Job Title: Masters Student  Duration of Search: 8 weeks Consultant Name: Jamie Foisneau – Bates The Challenge This particular case study focuses on a challenge from both the client and our Digital Consultant Jamie. The agency work in a very niche sector, working for large Blue-Chip companies, making them run more effectively. A niche business requires staff with very specific skills and experience. The Solution Once the brief came in, Jamie went out to meet with the client to understand their challenges as a business when recruiting. He discussed the skills required for the role and went about finding some strong talent. Jamie advertised the role on all relevant job boards and went through countless LinkedIn responses, to finally come across the ideal candidate. Once Jamie felt like he had found the perfect candidate, he went and met then to discuss their experience, his aspirations in his next role and why he would be a good fit for the business. The candidate had graduated with a Masters and hadn’t quite found his first “proper” job but was now content with the knowledge he has found himself a great role. The Result After going through three interview stages, including an initial discussion to go over experience, a second to talk through the role & do practical based tasks and a final interview to cover off any last questions and run through another practical task. After a seamless negotiation process, all parties were left happy with the result. The client had an exceptional candidate that will be with them for years to come and the candidate has been given a role that he can grow into and develop. Candidate Testimonial “Jamie came to meet us in our offices to discuss our exact requirements for a support role we needed to fill. He took the time to understand our business and what the right type of candidate would look like. He kept me in the loop throughout the entire recruitment process and sent some very strong candidates. We’re very happy with the end result and will definitely use Jamie and Stonor in the future. I would recommend them to anyone looking to recruit”. Consultant Testimonial “The agency has very high standards and work in a very niche sector. They work in a space where there are no direct competitors so trying to directly headhunt proves tricky. I really enjoyed working on this role as it was completely different to anything I had worked on before.”