Stonor uses Hinterview which is a video technology tool that creates a more personal recruitment journey for both clients and candidates. Hinterview offers the two following aspects which work hand in hand:

Interview Technology

Hinterview allows us to properly screen candidates wherever they are in the world. By enabling us to quickly establish suitability and remove the necessity for a first-round screening meeting with the client, we have managed to streamline the recruitment process. It is an invaluable tool for saving both sides time. Candidates love Hinterview because they establish a better relationship with their recruiter and don’t have their time wasted with unsuccessful interviews, and clients love it for the same reason, it makes perfect sense for everyone.


It’s hard to convey personality via email. Hintro allows us to break the ice with new prospects (clients and candidates alike) by sending a short video introduction. Since using this technology to prospect we have seen a higher response rate, applicants and employers really do like the personal touch Hintro offers.


Since Stonor started using Hinterview, it has proved to cut the time from initial contact to successful placement, almost in half. It’s boosted our already impressive interview to offer ratio and made the whole interview process a more enjoyable, personal experience for everyone involved.