Barista to Designer, not a problem!

Barista to Designer, not a problem!

An unlikely match for a difficult role.

Subtitle: Stonor Creative
New job title: Digital Designer
Role Location: Hertfordshire
Sector: Creative
Candidate Location: South West London
Old job title: Barista
Duration of search: Six weeks
Consultant name: Nick Pykett

The Challenge

This particular case study focuses on a challenge from both the client and the candidate and in turn a challenge for our head of creative, Nick Pykett. This was an out of town role with a limited budget and a specific set of requirements from the client.

The Solution

After a comprehensive discussion with the client, Nick advertised the role on all relevant job boards and went through countless LinkedIn responses, to finally come across the ideal candidate. Nick talked at length with the candidate about her portfolio and aspirations and then went to London to meet with the candidate, ensuring that there was good chemistry.

The candidate who had moved over from Italy had struggled to find a job in graphic design; her passion. She was stuck working in a cafe, starting work at 5 am every day and was desperate to find an agency she could call home.

The Results

After conversations with the client and a lot of perseverance, the candidate in question caught two trains out of London every day, to complete a two-week freelance assignment, to prove she was competent enough for the role.

She was then offered a full-time position and relocated to a location closer to her new place of work. Impressed with the skillset of the candidate, the client were very pleased with Stonor Search and vowed to use us again.

Candidate Testimonial

“My experience of working with Nick was outstanding, from the first point of contact until he successfully placed me into a Designer role. He has made the recruitment process a pleasant experience and he provided me with resources that helped me gain the position. He was focused, helpful and patient with the process. I have recommended him to many friends and colleagues.”

Consultant Testimonial

“The CD had incredibly high standards and with the added of relocation, it was a very satisfying placement. The candidate had spent seven months working in a job she wasn’t passionate about and was struggling to get by in London. She’d considered relocating back to Italy as she couldn’t find any agencies to give her a chance, so it was great to find her a design role that she was excited about.”