Business Development Manager – First salesperson in the UK

BDM - salesperson

Business Development Manager – First salesperson in the UK

Role Location: UK

Sector: Sales

Function: Commercial

Level: Senior

Duration of search: 3 weeks

Consultant: Ben Smith


The Challenge

A RegTech SaaS platform that streamlines and enhances CDD (Client Due Diligence) and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) processes based in Southern Europe, were looking to hire a first salesperson on the ground in the UK.

They already had 70 customers using the platform but thought they could really accelerate growth if there was someone in London who knew this space.

The Solution

They were looking for someone based in London with knowledge of contacts in the Banking, Payment Processing and Financial Services space. As well as a clear understanding of KYC (Know Your Customer), AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and CLM (Client Lifecycle Management).

After the initial interviews, they were on the brink of making a decision, but were not totally convinced with the shortlist they had.

Due to the critical nature of the position, I advised the client to extend their deadline for two weeks to allow me to ensure we had covered the whole market.

At this point, they agreed to work with Stonor on an exclusive basis due to our highly consultative approach when compared to other recruiters.

The Result

Following a detailed call with the client to discuss the candidates feedback, I was able to redefine the search.

As a result, I identified a candidate that ticked all the boxes, with contacts in the right spaces, knowledge of KYC, AML & CDD and 2.5 years of experience closing.

The fit was perfect from a client and candidate perspective and the new employee started three weeks later.