From Redundancy Scare to Dream Job!

From Redundancy Scare to Dream Job!

A redundancy scare leads to securing a dream job

New job title: Buyer/ Product Development
Role location: Hertfordshire
Sector: Premiums and packaging
Function: Product Development
Level: Mid-level
Candidate location: Ealing
Old job title: Buyer
Client location: Harpenden
Duration of search: Four weeks
Consultant name: Andy Darlington

The Challenge

Susanna had recently been made redundant from her previous role and needed to find a new job as soon as possible. After initial comprehensive discussions, it was clear that she was excited at the prospect of a new challenge, and understandably nervous about searching for a new role.

The Solution

Andy analysed the situation with Susanna in great detail, listening to her concerns and preferences and highlighted the different options available to her. Once he had gained the necessary information, Andy was able to search for suitable roles and presented Susanna with a vacancy at an agency that required someone with her background.

The Results

Susanna was selected for the position after a face-to-face interview, which she gladly accepted. Furthermore, Susanna was offered more than the amount she was looking for, along with extra perks to ensure she was comfortable and happy to commit long term, all of which was managed by Andy to ensure a smooth transition process.

Consultant Testimonial

"This was very rewarding for me as a consultant, Susanna contacted us looking for help. I found an agency that was willing to create a position for her. She got a pay rise and her ideal role."