Scaling a Global SaaS Unicorn

Customer Success Manager Role

Customer Success Manager

Role Location: Central Europe

Sector: Sales

Function: Commercial

Level: All Levels

Duration of search: 1 week

Consultant: Ben Smith

The Challenge

A global SaaS unicorn needed to scale at speed.

In order to make this possible they required a fully remote Customer Success Manager with experience in an SaaS Scale-Up.

The Solution

The Global Head of CS briefed us on the crucial role. They needed a candidate who was experienced with Nordic customers but based in central Europe to reduce salary costs.

This role was a crucial hire for them, so therefore was a priority for us.

We searched our existing candidates and found the perfect person from a SaaS background, based in Barcelona, purely focussing on the Nordic clients for his current business.

The Result

Within a month, he had been through the 5-step interview process (which we suggest is too long!), handed his notice in and was very excited to join.