Scaling SaaS Companies with Ease


Scaling SaaS Companies with Ease

Role Location: London

Sector: Sales

Function: Commercial

Level: All Levels

Duration of search: 3 weeks

Consultant: Lawrence Snookes and Ollie Riding

The Challenge

Playroll, who since being founded in 2019 had seen continual success working out of their head office in South Africa needed to grow their commercial function in the UK to ensure the London launch was successful.

The nature of the market meant that finding junior talent was difficult and with a lot of hiring taking place within the industry earlier in the year, it meant that fewer candidates were looking for a new role.

The Solution

After taking a brief on the role from the Talent Lead and Senior Sales Consultant within the UK, we were able to gain a good understanding of what Playroll do, the company culture and what the role would entail. After asking key questions we were able to understand more about the type of person Playroll were looking for which made the search far easier.

Immediately we were able to reach out to hundreds of prospective candidates, explaining the company’s product and the opportunity to join such an exciting start-up. A good response rate enabled us to conduct countless screening calls to qualify candidates.

Once candidates were approved, we created a highlight profile which was shared with Playroll. This process was quick and allowed Playroll a constant flow of candidates to review and interview.

The Result

As a result of the clear communication at the inception of the relationship between Stonor and Playroll, followed by the simple process of sharing candidates put in place, we were able to fill the role quickly. The candidate is now a top performer within the UK team and this has enabled Playroll to grow quicker than expected, including the hire of a new CRO via Stonor. Working exclusively saved the company time and ensured Stonor were able to dedicate their full resources to the search.

Roles filled:

• Sales Development Representative

• Business Development Management