How Stonor's helping close the gender pay gap in Marketing

  • March 08, 2020
How Stonor's helping close the gender pay gap in Marketing

As we approach International Women’s Day 2020, it is important to reflect on how we as a marketing recruitment business have played our part to close the gender pay gap in marketing in particular and support equal opportunities for all.

gender pay gap in marketing

The Industry

The industry as a whole recognises that there is still work to be done to close the pay gap, a recent study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS) has identified that there is still a 28% gap for full time workers in Marketing.  Looking into the information further, it showed that there was a 20.1% difference for men (£47,353 p/a) and women (£30,046 p/a) who both held the same job title - Advertising Account Manager / Creative Director. Although this is down from 2018 by 1% it highlights that change still isn’t being made fast enough in the industry.

What is even more worrying is that the gap between Marketing and Sales Directors has increased from 6.9% in 2018 to 11% in 2019. There has been a lot in the media recently about the gender pay issues and despite the increase in awareness, it seems like companies are not doing enough to help close the gap.

How Stonor's results comparegender pay gap in marketing

Stonor regularly keeps up to date with industry average salaries using reports and information from LinkedIn and Indeed, which helps their consultants advise on the right salary when going through the recruitment process regardless of gender or ethnicity. Stonor also consults their clients on what they should be offering candidates to ensure fairness for applicants.

We recently ran a report detailing our performance from 2019 to benchmark how we’re supporting our candidates obtain equal pay. Over the last 2 years, 71% of our placements were women. When comparing like for like roles, we found that the women we placed ACTUALLY ACHIEVED HIGHER SALARIES on average than men. Our analysis showed that, whilst there was very little difference between the genders at junior level, in mid management (30k - £50k) and senior management (above £50-100k) level positions, women came out on top by an average of 7.4% and 6.2% respectively. So, whilst the evidence for a gender pay gap nationally is irrefutable, we found that within the creative sector (in particular Marketing, PR and Market Research) the opposite trend was true for our candidates over the past 2 years.  

In summary, there’s still lots of work to be done but from what we’re seeing, the creative sector is on the right track! If you're looking for Marketing Recruiters, get in touch with Stonor today.