How will we see AI impact recruitment in 2020?

  • February 10, 2020
How will we see AI impact recruitment in 2020?

There is no denying that artificial intelligence in recruitment is extremely helpful within the industry. Not only does it reduce the workload for hiring managers and recruiters, it can enhance the recruitment experience for both client and candidate. But can we expect to see any revolutionary changes from AI in 2020?


In the past we’ve used chatbots in recruitment to instant message our website visitors, typically between business hours. As technology progresses, we expect to see chatbots become a vital part in the recruitment journey as they become more intuitive. Bots now have the ability to act as the recruiter’s personal PA. Features of many advanced chatbots include screening candidates, booking them in for interviews, matching them to relevant roles and answering general questions. Alongside these features, chatbots can operate around the clock so they remove the barrier of business hours.  By reducing the time spent on administration, recruiters can divert the attention to important aspects of their job – interviewing and recommending candidates.

Artificial Intelligence in RecruitmentTimely Communications

Optimisation has played a huge part in marketing for years. Aside from segmenting and grouping your audiences to help increase your open rates and CTR’s, it is now becoming increasingly apparent that sending your campaign to the right person at the right time is more powerful. Automated email and marketing businesses such as SendinBlue now have the capability to send your email to a high volume of recipients on the same day, but tailored to the right time for that exact contact. With this type of functionality, engagement rates are naturally higher than previous methods.

Automated Candidate Sourcing

Once a time-consuming task for recruiters, candidate sourcing has been revolutionised by highly intuitive job boards and of course LinkedIn. With social media and hyper connectivity, consultants are now able to search for and reach candidates they would never have been able to access to before. Developments in AI have meant that recruiters are able to find professionals for even the most niche roles. A time-saving measure that means companies can spend less on admin resources and more time on helping businesses find the right employees.

Sourcing Freelancers and Remote Workers

In 2020 it is estimated that 50% of workers will work remotely according to a report from OddsMonkey. This trend has changed over the last few years dramatically, which means recruitment companies and HR Managers are able to adjust their search criteria. This is a huge opportunity for recruiters as they are able to extend their search range without having the barrier of location preventing them from finding the most suitable candidates. By applying this in their search criteria when using job boards such as Indeed or CV Library, CV’s tailored to specific requirements will be sent to the recruiter. Video Interview technology such as Hinterview, cuts out the necessity for face to face interviews.

Artificial Intelligence in RecruitmentFacial Recognition Apps

Now this one actually could be revolutionary.

There are a wave of new apps that provide the functionality to assess the candidate’s facial expressions during video interviews, these intuitive apps can (apparently) determine if the individual will be a good fit for a company. We’ve already seen quite a few large brands adopt this within their recruitment journey and it’s only going to increase.

So 2020 is shaping up to be an exciting year for the industry, with changes such as remote and flexible working still set to rise it will be interesting to see how AI evolves even further to change the face of recruitment.


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