Job Seeker Stats 2020

  • December 15, 2020
Job Seeker Stats 2020

Covid changed everything this year, but what does that mean for people’s careers, have priorities changed? In November 2020 we surveyed a group of candidates to see what mattered to them most when choosing a new role.

It wasn’t surprising to see that most candidates preferred a very flexible working option, something that we’ve most people have adapted to in the last 9 months. This was followed closely by companies having a dedicated budget and plan for training & personal development and ranked in third position was private healthcare. 56% of the candidates that completed the survey said that their priorities had changed as a result of Covid-19. Interestingly a recent study by CV Library said that searches for remote jobs are up by 174%.

We’ve also combined some findings of ours with CV library and you can find the infographic here.