How do you know when it’s time to move on?

  • August 31, 2022

8 signs it’s time to move on from your job

It’s never easy deciding when is the right time to leave a job. The thought of starting again in a new role and new company can feel overwhelming, but that’s not a reason to stay stuck if you’re unhappy in your current company. Here are eight signs that you’re probably ready to move on to a new job opportunity. 

1. There is no work-life balance

Most jobs sometimes require the odd late night to meet tight deadlines. However, if work has started to take over your personal life, it’s time to take action. More and more companies are offering flexible work options to help people have a better work-life balance. So, if you feel like you’re living to work, that’s not okay and it’s time to move on to somewhere that encourages employees to have a life outside of work.

2. You’re not learning and developing 

Learning and developing new skills helps many of us feel fulfilled in our roles. When you stop developing, you can begin to feel stuck and unmotivated, which can hinder your career progression. If you’ve noticed that your company is not investing in your learning and development, it may be time to move on. 

3. You no longer receive feedback

Feedback is essential to your career progression and personal development. If your line manager isn’t proactively giving you feedback on your performance, or the feedback you do get is generic and unhelpful, then it’s time to do something about it. In order for you to excel on your career path, you need an effective manager that prioritises your development and if you’re not receiving that at your current company, it’s probably best for you to move on.

4. You feel underpaid and undervalued

Does your employer recognise your commitment with regular pay reviews and appraisals? If the answer is no then you’re probably not getting the recognition you deserve. You work hard in your job and you deserve to feel valued. If you think you’re being underpaid, we can help you find a job that will pay you the salary you deserve. 

5. Teams are continuously being restructured  

Is your company constantly restructuring teams? This could be a sign of leadership issues and wider internal problems. It can also be very challenging to deal with constant structural changes and can affect career development. If you notice this happening frequently within your company, it’s probably time to seek a new opportunity.

6. There is a high staff turn-over

Have you started to notice that people seem to leave your company too frequently? If you find yourself constantly signing goodbye cards and attending leaving drinks, it might be time to think about leaving yourself. It’s natural for employees to leave from time to time, to seek new opportunities or to have a career change, but a high staff turn-over could indicate internal issues. A key sign to look out for is the duration that people have been with the company. If they’re leaving after less than a year, that should be a serious red flag!

7. You’re being headhunted and offered much better opportunity

Constant calls and emails from recruiters can seem somewhat annoying, but it’s usually a sign there’s demand within your industry. It’s always worth speaking to a recruiter to understand what opportunities are out there. Consider it market research to find out which companies are hiring, what skills and roles are in demand, what benefits are being offered and what the average salary is for similar jobs. 

8. You have a gut feeling it’s time to go

Ultimately, you’ll probably have a gut feeling when you know it’s time to leave. You understand your situation better than anyone else, so go with what you feel is right for you. There’s never a perfect time, but when you know you’re ready, it’s time to go. Your next opportunity is waiting just around the corner.  

Whatever your reason for leaving, our expert team of recruiters can help guide you through the process and discover a new job that is right for you. Get in contact today.