How to attract the best talent in the industry

  • March 13, 2023

How to attract the best talent in the industry

If you want to develop and grow your business, you need to recruit the best talent. However, with more competition and an increasing talent shortage, recruiting can be a significant challenge. 

That’s why we’ve gathered these top tips to help you.

Step one: widen your recruitment drive

In order to attract the best talent, you need to make sure you’re reaching the right people. Using multiple channels and diversifying your sourcing networks will help you reach a bigger pool of candidates.

Here are a few other ways to widen your recruitment drive:

  • Organise recruitment events
  • Be active on social media
  • Roll out a paid ad strategy
  • Collaborate with a recruitment agency

Step two: make the application process short and seamless 

According to a recent study from LinkedIn, nearly 60% of job seekers quit online job application mid-way due to their length and complexity. Not only is a complicated job application off-putting for candidates, a long and tedious process may also be damaging to your brand image. Social media and online platforms mean that potential hires can more easily share their experiences with other prospective candidates. Previous employees might have lots of great things to say about your company, but conflicting information online could be unappealing to top talent. So, it’s important to ensure that candidates have a good experience throughout the whole recruitment process.

Step three: showcase your employee benefits and office perks

With so many companies offering flexible working and attractive benefit packages, the competition for employers is fierce. If you’re really seeking the best talent, you need to be realistic about what candidates are being offered elsewhere. How can you compete? Another competitor might be offering more money, but if you can provide more flexibility, and a better work culture, then that might be more desirable to candidates. So, make sure you’re highlighting the benefits during the recruitment stage.

Step four: show candidates what career progression in the company looks like

Candidates want to clearly understand how their career will develop if they join your company. It might be worth reviewing your internal development processes. Are you doing enough to help existing employees excel in their careers? Make sure you have an established scheme in place and communicate the development opportunities to candidates during the recruitment process.

Step five: make the candidates feel valued

How you treat candidates during the recruitment stage will say a lot about how you treat your existing employees. Yes, the hiring process is about finding the best talent for your company, but candidates will also use this time to work out if you’re the right employer for them. So, make sure you show a genuine interest in their skills and experience. You’ll be far more likely to secure the best talent for the role.

Step six: implement a recruitment referral initiative for employees

Existing employees know your company and if you treat them well, they’ll be the best ambassadors for your business. Introducing financial incentives or other rewards for successful employee referrals is a great way to find candidates that’ll be a good fit for your brand. Plus, it can help make the recruitment process faster and more personal.

Bonus tip! Make sure your referral policy has some rules. For example, you might want to hold off paying the referral bonus until after the new employee has completed their probation period, and setting a limit for the number of candidates an employee can refer within a set time period.

Recruiting the best talent is only half the battle. If you want to understand ways to help you retain your staff, check out these top tips for employee retention.

If you need more advice, get in contact with our expert recruiters today. We can help you find the best talent for your industry.