Is this the time to be using a marketing recruitment agency?

  • August 11, 2020
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Is this the time to be using a marketing recruitment agency?

With so many marketing candidates in looking for roles, perhaps you’re weighing up why you would need a recruiter to help fill the jobs, and if it’s worth the cost?

Crowd Control

It’s an extremely competitive market at the moment, there are often hundreds of job applications per posting. This is great, until you realise how long it takes to actually review all those applications and decide who, if any of the applicants can actually do the job. Some companies have even hired additional staff purely to assess the sheer volume of applicants.  

This is where a specialist marketing recruitment agency can prove extremely helpful. Recruiters are set up to manage bulk applications and have systems in place to quickly filter candidates. They do all the legwork while you get on with the more important day to day tasks of running the business.

It’s not just the filtering though. Most specialist employment agencies will have access to passive candidates that just won’t be applying for your advert. A recruiter will be interviewing more potential applicants right now than ever before. If you brief them on your role, you’ll have access to an even wider talent pool which increase your chance of success.

Specialist Resources and Tools

Recruiters often have access to a variety of tools that will help define the selection process further, LinkedIn Recruiter and Hinterview are two such tools used by consultancies. These are not usually something you would want to invest in for a one time hire and something that can be provided at no extra cost from the job agency.

Candidate attraction, experience & your reputation

You know what you want, but do you know how best to communicate it to your potential applicants? Do you know what job boards work best for what roles? Do you know what messaging works best to help you stand out from the crowd? Often companies waste money on job adverts that fall flat and, even with such a buoyant candidate market this can still result in disappointment. When you partner with a recruitment agency, you immediately benefit from the expertise of (hopefully) experienced consultants, their advice can be the difference between 1000 responses and no responses when it comes to adverts.

What happens when you get the responses you were hoping for but don’t have the time to properly manage them? You can end up giving a very poor first impression to candidates. The candidate experience is often forgotten but it’s vitally important to hiring success. If people don’t feel like you’re treating them with respect, why would they want to work for you? A recruitment agency should have processes in place to manage expectations and ensure that event those people who aren’t successful still leave with a good impression of your company.

Often businesses don’t realise they have a bad reputation in their marketplace until prospective employees share their views. It takes a good recruitment consultancy to advise and manage your reputation among candidates. It’s important to understand that your recruitment team act as an extension of your PR team, as well as your hiring team – be careful who you use as it can have a massive impact on your hiring success.

If you’d like advice on your hiring strategy then please don’t hesitate to get in touch!