5 tips for creating a great portfolio to showcase your work

  • May 17, 2022

5 tips for creating a great portfolio to showcase your work

Wondering how you can create a great portfolio? We’ve gathered some top tips from our creative recruiters to help you showcase your talent.

1. Let your work tell a story

It’s important to showcase your process, in order for clients to understand the thinking behind your designs. Creative Directors want to see the journey you went through to achieve the end work. In order to show this, we recommend including the following within your portfolio:

  • Mood boards
  • Sketches (either hand-drawn or illustrated)
  • Write up about your thinking
  • Colour stories

2. Keep it simple and easy to navigate

Your digital portfolio should be clean and simple so that people can easily navigate through your work. Make sure it’s well organised and accessible. Hiring managers will be looking at multiple portfolios with limited time, so it’s important that they can quickly scan through and take in all your great work. 






3. Prioritise quality 

We all know the saying “it’s about quality, not quantity” and that should definitely be the case for your creative portfolio. Hiring managers only tend to look at one or two projects, so always select your best work to present first. It’s also important to make sure your work is fairly up-to-date. You know what they say - you’re only as good as your last project!

4. Show your versatility

Creative Directors will want to see what you’re capable of. If your creative skillset is diverse make sure to promote this. Showcasing your versatility will allow people to understand what you’re capable of and will also be more appealing to different audiences.

5. Don’t shy away from showcasing personal work 

Adding personal work to your portfolio may seem a bit daunting but it’s definitely a great way to show authenticity. Having a personal touch to your portfolio will help your work stand out from the crowd and could be more memorable. 

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