Five reasons why you didn’t get that marketing job

  • July 16, 2018
Five reasons why you didn’t get that marketing job

This time you really think you nailed it. The interview went off without a hitch, you got on well with the interviewer and you’re sure you asked all the right questions. Yep, you’ve got your interview etiquette down and you’re feeling pretty good about this one.

But then you get the email or phone call of dread. What went wrong? Why do you keep receiving the same generic “too many applicants”, “the position went to someone with more experience” or “we were just looking for something a bit different” email of doom? What’s going on?

In this blog we take a look at some of the reasons why you didn’t get that marketing job - and how you can learn from your mistakes and make sure you’re the number one choice next time.

Five reasons why you didn't get that marketing job

1. You aren’t memorable enough

In the cut-throat world of job-hunting, it’s really important that you stand out from the crowd. From a strong CV and cleverly-worded cover letter through to making a good impression in the interview, it’s important that you’re unforgettable throughout the entire process. Jobs in marketing are incredibly competitive, and with hundreds of people applying for every position going and the average interviewer talking to tons of candidates before filling a role, it’s really important that you’re memorable if you want to bag that job offer. You may be unforgettable and engaging in real life, but it’s important to make sure that comes across in the interview process too - otherwise that dream marketing job will go to someone else who is.

2. You’re not willing to learn

It’s an exciting time to be in the marketing industry. Thanks to the rise of digital and inbound techniques, the marketing landscape is ever-changing. Last year’s hot topic is nothing but old news this year as marketers move swiftly on to the next big thing. Exciting? You bet. But this constant change can have a negative effect on job seekers as hiring managers disregard candidates without experience in the latest technologies or those who are more used to the old ways of doing things. So what’s the answer? Make sure you’re open to learning and continue to be hungry for more. Read blogs, engage with influencers, and keep up to date with trends and emerging technologies - trust us, hiring managers will appreciate it.

Five reasons why you didn't get that marketing job

Ever heard the phrase “it’s not what you know but who you know”? Well it’s actually kind of true when it comes to jobs in marketing. Of course, industry knowledge and work experience are the most important things when selling yourself to an interview panel, but it’s important to network too. Networking is a great way of reaching out to people in the industry and building connections as well as gathering info from your peers on what it takes to be a successful marketer. Not only that, but the more you get out there, the more likely it is that potential employers will have you in mind when positions open up at their organisations. From conferences and exhibitions to local training events, get out there and get your name known. Check out Marketing Events for a list of marketing conferences in the UK this year.3. You aren’t networking

4. You’re not showing enough interest and passion

It sounds obvious enough, but you’d be surprised at how many candidates just don’t show enthusiasm for the company they are applying to or even the industry itself. Yes, sometimes this can be down to nerves, but we really can’t stress how important it is to show some genuine excitement. After all, if there are two similar candidates vying for the same role, employers might just base their decision on how eager you are. Marketing agencies want staff who are dedicated to their career and their own self development - so it’s worth shouting about your skills and dedication. Start writing your own marketing blog or create a portfolio to show in future interviews - whatever you decide, finding a way to demonstrate your creativeness and dedication will put you streets ahead of other applicants.

5. Someone with more experience came along

You might have the strongest cover letter going and performed impeccably in your interview - but sometimes it really is true that the competition is just too strong. This can come down to specific sector experience, especially in uncertain economic times when employers want to play safe. Don’t let it get you down, though - as frustrating as it is, all you can do is carry on trying and keep on learning. Look out for other ways you can set yourself apart from the competition, whether it be keeping up to date with industry news, studying for for additional qualifications or even undertaking work experience or a relevant internship to gain first-hand experience and grow your professional network. Basically, whatever you can do to get a competitive edge over other candidates fighting for the same position - do it!

If you’re currently looking for your dream job in marketing and want some more advice on how to nail your next interview, get in touch with one of the Stonor Recruitment team. It’s packed full of useful hints and tips to help you take the next step in your marketing career.